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Rainy days, slow days.

rainy days

slow days

Like trying to walk underwater.




A Different View (100th Blog Post!)

Here’s a little experimental photography.

Desert Flower

Bald Head Island Lighthouse

Here’s the last North Carolina lighthouse that I’ve taken pictures of.

Photography Exhibition

For the rest of the month of April my photography will be displayed at the Roasted Coffee Depot in downtown Graham.

Check out this link for more information and be sure to drop by and check it out!


Aim, Set, Fire


Castles Made of Sand

Frozen Dinner (Couch Potato)


Melk Abbey

Frescoed ceiling


Viennese Buildings

Hear My Train a Comin’


Melk, Austria

Waterfalls Part 1

My dad and I, one evening, while just driving around looking for pictures, saw this waterfall off in the distance.  Dad and I pulled to the side of the road to snap some quick pictures and while there we met a really cool guy who offered to take us to some other nearby waterfalls. We obviously took him up on his offer and I had a chance to take some really great pictures of them. I’ll post some of those later on, but for now here are the pics I took at the first waterfall.

Moonrise Over Weaverville

Blue Ridge Fall

This past weekend, during our fall break, we spent time in the Smoky Mountains hiking, exploring, visiting family and friends, and of course taking lots of pictures. I have enough pictures to go through and edit to keep me busy for a long time. It was a perfect time for pictures as the weather was great and the leaves were just starting to change into their fall colors. Keep posted for more pictures that will be posted soon.


Our new kitty Tes

A Step Behind

Seagulls in Southport NC

Rock Climbing

My youth group at FUMC Graham recently made a trip to The Ultimate Climbing Gym in Greensboro. There we spent a couple of hours climbing and having a lot of fun. I was particularly sore that night because of the combination of soccer conditioning practices and rock climbing. Nevertheless I’d want to go back another time and I recommend going there.

Ocracoke Island