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The EmoryWire Interview

I was recently interviewed by the EmoryWire, an Emory Alumni Publication, and had both the interview and several of my pictures featured in the October 2012 Issue. Check out the interview here.


Also, coming soon… My pictures will be featured in The Open Door Community‘s October Issue of their newsletter Hospitality.

Heavy Runner

My buddy Eric Peavy has started recording some of his music and asked me to create an album cover for him. Here’s Heavy Runner’s first album and CrissmanPhoto’s first album art.

Check out the album, Watch Closely, on Itunes if you want to hear some good music.

A Different View (100th Blog Post!)

Here’s a little experimental photography.

Desert Flower

Bryce Canyon Sunrise

Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon

Camera Obscura

Made this camera obscura for an end of the year physics project. All it really is is a large-scale pin hole camera that projects a live image on a wall. In the picture you can see the image from outside a window, which is looking at my school’s gym. If you look closely Jonny’s looking at a person walking across the lawn to the right of the building. I got the idea from National Geographic.

Photography Exhibition

For the rest of the month of April my photography will be displayed at the Roasted Coffee Depot in downtown Graham.

Check out this link for more information and be sure to drop by and check it out!

Aim, Set, Fire

The “Oudin Profile”

I saw this and it was way too cool not to try it. So it’s not my original idea, borrowed it from this guy.

Frozen Dinner (Couch Potato)