Photography by James Crissman


Rainy days, slow days.

rainy days

slow days

Like trying to walk underwater.

Fallen Tree

February Night Sky

Frozen Dinner (Couch Potato)


Open the Gate


Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria



Horses in the Snow

Merry Christmas

Last year I posted a picture of Graham’s Christmas lights for Christmas. For this year here are some lights from Vienna.

Merry Christmas!


Melk, Austria

A Flute Player in the Shadow

Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria

Outer Banks From the Air

My uncle Mark took me up in his plane with my dad and sister a couple of weekends ago. We flew for about an hour and reached Kitty Hawk to First in Flight Airport where the Wright Brothers first took flight. From there we flew down the length of the Outer Banks, all the way to Cape Lookout. On the way we flew over Cape Hatteras, Okracoke, and Cape Lookout lighthouses. We also traveled over Croatan Naitonal Forest. This trip was nicely timed right after a snow storm so there was still some snow on the ground at Cape Lookout. The pictures turned out well when I was able to avoid the glare from the window.

Snow Day #2

Snow Day #1

Here’s the first series of snow pictures when Graham had its biggest snow in years. This was a few weeks ago, but there were a whole lot of pictures to go through.

Snow on Graham

Merry Christmas…

Wake Forest Basketball

Basketball season has begun, not only in college, but also high schools, and that’s my excuse for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been busy with my own basketball season. But here are a few pictures from the Wake Forest vs Winston-Salem State game that I attended.

This is probably the last match up between these cross town rivalries and probably a good thing for Wake. This game seems to be a troublesome one on the schedule. Even though Wake always pulls it out, WSSU comes out scrapping and its usually a really messy for the players, and restless for the fans. However, this year’s game was boring because the Deacons showed up and put away the Rams pretty early.