Photography by James Crissman



4th of July

Here’s some cute Liberian kids

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Desert Coral

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Half Dome by Night

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, CA

Eagle Falls

Eagle Falls, Emerald Bay CA

Desert Flower

Bryce Canyon Sunrise

Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Falls

First Day Out West

Sunrise at Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Castles Made of Sand


In memorial of those who lost their lives.

A Step Behind

Seagulls in Southport NC

Summer Storms

Throughout the summer there have been a lot of storms. Not enough in my opinion. Storms are cool to photograph and can present some pretty awesome light. I’m still waiting for a good night thunderstorm to try and capture some lightning.

James A. Garfield

On a trip to Oberlin, Ohio we stopped by President James A. Garfield‘s Memorial in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland. The memorial was interesting because the outside was stained black from the smoke of the city. Inside was opposite in that it was beautiful and colorful.

Smokey Mountains Panorama


Picture I took while on a short hike off of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Ocracoke Island


Here are some pictures that I had fun taking in an indoor swimming pool. Between each set of pictures we’d have to wait a good half hour or so for the water to settle to get a good reflection. The architecture of the room really added to the picture of mom diving. If I could go back and take more of these pictures with new lighting it would be awesome.

Currituck Lighthouse

This was the last North Carolina Lighthouses for me to photograph. I would really like to go back and take pictures of the others sometime. We arrived at Currituck just in time for the “golden hours” and the golden light from the sun created a great glow on the bricks.

NC Zoo Part Two

NC Zoo

These are from a trip to the NC Zoological park. I’ve got some more coming later on.

Panama: Gamboa Rainforest

Here are some pictures from my Panama trip. These were taken in the Gamboa Rainforest where the resort was for the wedding. The last picture is of the resort itself, called the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. The resort is in between the Chagres River and Panama Canal. We really enjoyed our stay there. A lot of the pictures I took were from a tram ride they have that goes up a mountain and through the forest.

Panama City

I went on vacation to Panama this summer and took a whole lot of pictures. My family went down for my cousin’s wedding. They were married at a resort in the Gamboa Rain forest and it was beautiful. We also spent a lot of time in Panama City where they currently live.

I haven’t uploaded any of the pictures I took yet, so I’m gonna have a series of posts with pictures from the trip. This first post will be of the of the pictures from the city. If you are interested in some other pictures that I’ve taken on this trip, you can contact me from my email: