Photography by James Crissman


A Different View (100th Blog Post!)

Here’s a little experimental photography.

Aim, Set, Fire

The “Oudin Profile”

I saw this and it was way too cool not to try it. So it’s not my original idea, borrowed it from this guy.

Frozen Dinner (Couch Potato)



The spotlight on Bailey


Merry Christmas

Last year I posted a picture of Graham’s Christmas lights for Christmas. For this year here are some lights from Vienna.

Merry Christmas!

Bridal Expo

I was invited to take pictures at a Bridal Expo at the Mebane Arts & Community Center. A friend of mine was modeling. This was my first experience with taking pictures at a fashion show like setting.

Snow Day #1

Here’s the first series of snow pictures when Graham had its biggest snow in years. This was a few weeks ago, but there were a whole lot of pictures to go through.


These pictures are my first attempts at shooting portraits. Since taking these I’ve kind of gathered an interest in taking pictures of people, because these turned out pretty well. These are taken of my sister, Maddie and my girlfriend, Kayla.