Photography by James Crissman


Heavy Runner

My buddy Eric Peavy has started recording some of his music and asked me to create an album cover for him. Here’s Heavy Runner’s first album and CrissmanPhoto’s first album art.

Check out the album, Watch Closely, on Itunes if you want to hear some good music.

Picture in Color

Ultimate Frisbee

The “Oudin Profile”

I saw this and it was way too cool not to try it. So it’s not my original idea, borrowed it from this guy.



Picture I took while on a short hike off of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Crazy Editing

Last night I went back through some of my old pics and used some unique editing in Photoshop.

The Elon School Rock Ensemble

I took these at the TES Rock Ensemble’s concert at my school. The pictures are as cool looking as they sound.

Senior Class President

These are some campaign ads that I made up this weekend for Student Council elections… hope they turn out to be effective.