Photography by James Crissman

Graham, North Carolina


4th of July

Fallen Tree


In memorial of those who lost their lives.

Snow on Graham

Merry Christmas…

Graham Fireworks

Tonight was Graham’s annual Christmas fireworks, and they almost didn’t have them for a second straight year. Last year it was canceled because the drought posed too much of a threat with everything so dry, and this year the weather the polar opposite. Rainy and cold. For a while it was forecasted to snow. The precipitation slowed down long enough for a show however, and they sky cleared up which helped in taking some great pictures. The wind was blowing really hard though so it was hard to avoid the reflections of the explosions on the smoke in the pictures. But a few turned out pretty well…

Downtown Graham

So, I have been away from my blog for a long time, for many reasons. One I’ve been really busy with summer and the start of school. And two, I figured that not too many people would see my posts anyway. But, I’ll keep ’em coming for the chance that one day when I become famous they’ll make for good archives. haha

Even during my break I haven’t stopped taking pictures. So here’s a few i took a long time ago and they got some good feed back from family and friends.

Introducing: Downtown Graham, North Carolina.


Fire Demonstration

The Graham Fire Department had a fire demonstration and practice¬† on Saturday. It was executed on an old building that is soon to be demolished to build the new Children’s Museum. I had to wake up pretty early to get there in time, but it was worth some good pictures.

FUMC Graham

Here’s a few pictures from First United Methodist Church of Graham.