Photography by James Crissman

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Waterfalls Part 1

My dad and I, one evening, while just driving around looking for pictures, saw this waterfall off in the distance.  Dad and I pulled to the side of the road to snap some quick pictures and while there we met a really cool guy who offered to take us to some other nearby waterfalls. We obviously took him up on his offer and I had a chance to take some really great pictures of them. I’ll post some of those later on, but for now here are the pics I took at the first waterfall.

A Foggy Morning

Woke up early one morning during our time in the mountains to take some pictures of the fog. The pictures came out with a kind of creepy, but mystic feel which is pretty appropriate for the fall and Halloween coming up.

Keep posted for some more mountain pictures. I still have a lot to work through.

Moonrise Over Weaverville

Blue Ridge Fall

This past weekend, during our fall break, we spent time in the Smoky Mountains hiking, exploring, visiting family and friends, and of course taking lots of pictures. I have enough pictures to go through and edit to keep me busy for a long time. It was a perfect time for pictures as the weather was great and the leaves were just starting to change into their fall colors. Keep posted for more pictures that will be posted soon.


Sorry everyone for not updating my blog much recently. I have been busy with a number of things including school work, soccer, and college apps. It’s that time of year when I can hardly find any extra time. I’ve taken lots of pictures recently, there just isn’t the time to edit and post.
Though last week I was asked to make a presentation during my school’s daily morning meeting of my pictures. I made a slide show of some of my favorite pictures and received some really good feedback on it.
Right now I’m working on finding a way to upload the slide show to the blog (it’s a PDF file). So keep your eye out for when I post it!