Photography by James Crissman

Archive for June, 2010


Here are some pictures that I had fun taking in an indoor swimming pool. Between each set of pictures we’d have to wait a good half hour or so for the water to settle to get a good reflection. The¬†architecture¬†of the room really added to the picture of mom diving. If I could go back and take more of these pictures with new lighting it would be awesome.

Currituck Lighthouse

This was the last North Carolina Lighthouses for me to photograph. I would really like to go back and take pictures of the others sometime. We arrived at Currituck just in time for the “golden hours” and the golden light from the sun created a great glow on the bricks.

Crazy Editing

Last night I went back through some of my old pics and used some unique editing in Photoshop.

Chemistry Class

Here are some pictures that I took after school one day at the chemistry lab. Mr. Cook was basically messing around and experimenting to see what looked cool. I can’t remember what chemicals we were burning in these pics, but I do remember feeling a little light-headed after a while.