Photography by James Crissman

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Ocracoke Lighthouse

During our stay at Ocracoke I went to take pictures of the light house two times, once during sunset and once during the night. I like taking pictures at this time of day, rather night, just because of the lighting. Almost all of these pictures I took after the sun had gone down. I’m still experimenting with my new camera so a few pictures turned out grainy, but I really like the results.


My dad and I went out on some kayaks New Year’s Eve right at sunset. It wasn’t the most spectacular sunset, and we had to race to the edge of the island to see it, but I had the chance to take some great pictures.

New Camera

I just saved up enough money to buy a new camera. I bought a Nikon D90 and have loved it so far. Here I just uploaded a few pictures of me with the new camera. It’s been a real long time since my last post, but I’ve been busy with school and basketball starting back up ever since Christmas break. Over the break my family went to Ocracoke Island and I’ll have some new pictures from that trip up shortly.