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Panama: Gamboa Rainforest

Here are some pictures from my Panama trip. These were taken in the Gamboa Rainforest where the resort was for the wedding. The last picture is of the resort itself, called the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. The resort is in between the Chagres River and Panama Canal. We really enjoyed our stay there. A lot of the pictures I took were from a tram ride they have that goes up a mountain and through the forest.

Panama City

I went on vacation to Panama this summer and took a whole lot of pictures. My family went down for my cousin’s wedding. They were married at a resort in the Gamboa Rain forest and it was beautiful. We also spent a lot of time in Panama City where they currently live.

I haven’t uploaded any of the pictures I took yet, so I’m gonna have a series of posts with pictures from the trip. This first post will be of the of the pictures from the city. If you are interested in some other pictures that I’ve taken on this trip, you can contact me from my email:

Panorama Man Cannon: Revamped

I worked a little to make this picture better. You can see the original below.


– James

Panorama Man Cannon Revamped

Mountain State Fair

Here are the other pictures from the fair. Refer to the below article for the full story and the picture I spent all of my time on.

And, yes, that is me on the mechanical bull. I went for the money ride where if I could stay on for 8 seconds I would win $200 and lots of manly points. However, I only received a cut lip, headache, and lots of jokes. I’m proud for the 6 seconds I did stay on though!

Panorama Man Cannon

Last weekend, with my sister and a few friends, I went to the Mountain State Fair in Asheville NC. We’ve gone when ever we get the chance since we lived in Asheville. This year it was gloomy and rainy, but fun anyway and lots of people still came.

So there was a stunt man who was preforming the great feat of becoming a human cannon ball! After an heart quickening speech, dramatic poses and music, and a countdown he was launched into the air!

I snapped many consecutive pictures which I compiled into one picture. This took me 50 different pictures and around four hours to complete. It was worth it…..

Panorama Man Cannon

Downtown Graham

So, I have been away from my blog for a long time, for many reasons. One I’ve been really busy with summer and the start of school. And two, I figured that not too many people would see my posts anyway. But, I’ll keep ’em coming for the chance that one day when I become famous they’ll make for good archives. haha

Even during my break I haven’t stopped taking pictures. So here’s a few i took a long time ago and they got some good feed back from family and friends.

Introducing: Downtown Graham, North Carolina.